Tlaga Singha, Bali: a different kind of beach club

Tlaga Singha

As Bali’s cultural capital, Ubud has much to offer to travellers: from visiting temples to batik painting workshops, shopping for art to enjoying the visually stunning Balinese dances. For those that want peace and quiet, there are ample yoga and wellness retreats or one can explore the walking trails in the luscious green rice fields.  

But what if you want to remain in Ubud yet enjoy the comfort and facilities that come with the beach clubs located in Canggu or Kuta?

Tlaga Singha is a great place to offer that different experience in Ubud. At about half an hour’s drive from central Ubud, Tlaga Singha is literally a haven for some relaxation and down time in a gorgeous setting: bring your swimsuit, a good book or just your phone (for some amazing pictures), have a tasty meal or sip on scrumptious cocktails while gazing at the greenery from either one of the two infinity pools. For tired bodies, there is an extensive spa menu as well.

Tlaga Singha

Fees for Tlaga Singha

There is a fixed entrance fee of IDR 200,000 per adult that will allow you access to the pools (locker use, towels and a beverage are included). Top up a bit at IDR 300,000 and you can have food and drinks as well, while kids under 12 years cost IDR 150,000 for the same. A family meal and drink package (2 adults, 2 kids) is available at IDR 750,000.

Tlaga Singha

Cabana and sunbed packages

If you come with a bigger group and would like to secure a cabana or day bed, it is recommended to book in advance. Cabana packages come in bronze, silver and gold. Bronze is suitable for 4 pax and comes at IDR 500,000 for cabana use of 4 hours. The silver package (4 pax) at IDR 550,000 includes two beers while the gold package (4 pax) at IDR 1,200,000 includes a selection of food and drinks. You can separately reserve sunbeds for a party of 2 as well which come in similar bronze, silver and gold packages. Placing a booking is rather convenient, as you can do that via WhatsApp.

We took a gold package and chose a cave-style cabana. There are other cabanas as well right next to the pool which are fully exposed to the sun. There are ample seats and tables around the pool area for those that don’t want to commit to cabanas and sunbeds.

Food at Tlaga Singha

We enjoyed a tasty lunch at the poolside restaurant: the various international and local dishes are as “eye-watering” as your gorgeous surroundings! While the kids and grandpa happily munched on Hawaiian chicken pizzas, my mother and I feasted on some local specialties such as nasi campur and sop buntut (Balinese oxtail soup). There is something delectable for each, be it steaks, pan fried-fish, curries, sandwiches and burgers or some satay or Balinese bebek (duck).

Tlaga Singha

Not only is the design of the Club itself aesthetically pleasing, but the views and scenery from the different levels are equally lovely and picturesque.  

We loved exploring both infinity pools, one bathing in full sunlight, the lower level one partially placed inside an artificial cave with swim-up pool bar, and elegantly furnished with cozy stools and tables to enable you to take in the dazzling setting.

Tlaga Singha

Spa and other services

There is also a spa on-site that offers massages, facials and other beauty treatments with services starting at 350,000 IDR. The Tlaga Singha has additional rooms and spaces available as well for special events.   

This being our second time to the Tlaga Singha, I have to say that our company of six including two younger kids and two elderly all thoroughly enjoyed this relaxing experience. Unlike the day clubs in the beach areas, which tend to be overcrowded with loud music playing, Tlaga Singha offers a stress-free environment with great service! 

For more family friendly activities in Ubud, read 3 Things to do in Ubud with kids.

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