A holiday in paradise at Club Med Kani, Maldives

Club Med Kani

My friends and I were on a mission to celebrate our birthdays in style and after much debate and endless searching, we stumbled upon an irresistible offer from AirAsia and Club Med Kani, Maldives which promised an unforgettable experience.

Without a second thought, we packed our swimsuits, hats and sunblock, waved bye bye to our families  and without looking back, jetted off to Club Med Kani. Little did we know that this island paradise was about to knock our socks off.

Upon arriving at the resort after a  40-minute boat trip from Male airport, we were immediately captivated by its sandy beaches and crystal clear blue sea .

Club Med Kani

Accomodations at Club Med Kani

Our accommodations at Club Med Kani were simple but comfortable. We were fortunate enough to stay in beachfront villas, with a perfect view of the sea and direct beach access. For those looking to splurge a little, there are also overwater villas available, offering a more luxurious and unique experience with a few perks thrown in.

Club Med Kani room
Club Med Kani

The Club Med app to plan your days

At check in you are asked to download the Club Med app which informs you of all the attractions available so you can plan your day accordingly. Since we had arrived early in the morning, we decided on  our first day to jump right into the action and joined an invigorating Aqua Fitness session. We also ambitiously decided to join the Bums and AB’s session on the beach since we realised during the buffet  lunch that without exercise we might be going home 5kg heavier. In the evening, it was party time with the famous White Nights, where everyone dressed in white and where we were introduced to all the staff. After a sumptuous buffet on the beach with an impressive acrobatic show, we proceeded to the dance floor where we tried, with various degrees of success, to learn some dance routines demonstrated by the Gentle Organiser’s (GOs).

Club Med Kani White Nights

The following day, we embarked on a truly unique and exciting adventure of swimming with nurse sharks and stingrays with a professional dive team. It was magical to be so close to these amazing gentle  creatures.

Despite the weather being less than ideal on the third day, some of us went diving whilst others decided that the rain and wind would offer us a different level of excitement and we went sailing.

Day four was filled with more fun as we went fishing and in the afternoon we tried our hands at the trapeze. We also managed to participate in a foam party! In the evening, we enjoyed International Night, where different tables were set up, each representing a different country with its own unique games. Quite a few of us seemed to linger a bit longer than necessary at the Mauritian table which was serving different rum concoctions.

Club Med Kani trapeze

Gastronomic feasts

I have to write about the culinary wonders orchestrated by Chef Ravin Balhoo and his dream team! With a full buffet set up three times a day, their creations never failed to amaze and it was a struggle at each meal not to overindulge. I also have to mention the unsung heroes of the restaurant – the waiters in the restaurant who made it their mission to know our caffeine preferences and were always ready with our choices.

Club Med Kani food

And to Sumon – thank you for the endless flow of wine. Our glasses were never empty, and for that, we raise a toast to you! Obviously we cannot leave out the bar team. The maestros of mixology – Dilip and Jayrate, those two stole the show with their delightful personalities and unrivalled cocktail crafting .

Club Med Finolhu

On the last day we were presented with an excursion to Club Med Finolhu, which is just minutes away by boat. The 52 eco-chic, spacious villas with pools come with a butler each and are surrounded by incomparable natural beauty. While our resort had been a hub of energetic activities and contagious laughter, this fancy haven had an air of sophistication and is definitely a place for people who want to get away from it all.

Back in Kani, we started bidding our farewells to our lovely Kani family led by charismatic manager Geoff.  The level of enthusiasm, kindness, joy and attention to detail demonstrated by every one of the staff  was truly outstanding.

What makes Club Med Kani truly exceptional is its ability to cater to a diverse range of guests. Whether you are traveling with friends, family, your significant other, or even as a solo traveler, there is something for everyone. The resort provides an ambiance that allows people to bond, relax, and create lasting memories together.

Relaxation or adventure, Club Med Kani has it all!

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