Bird Paradise: bigger and better

Bird Paradise

On my recent visit to Singapore, I decided to visit Bird Paradise, the newly opened aviary in Mandai. Since its opening on 8 May 2023, it has become a must-visit attraction, replacing the Jurong Bird Park.

Nestled within the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, which also houses the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, and River Wonders, this enchanting park covers an expansive area of approximately 17 hectares. The best part? The aviaries here are even larger and more spectacular than the ones at Jurong Bird park.

Lay of the land at Bird Paradise

The bird park is laid out really well and divided into sections:

The  Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove is a simulated Antarctic habitat for penguins and other polar seabirds. It has two levels so you can observe them swimming underwater as well as roosting and nesting on a rocky beach.

The Winged Sanctuary serves as a refuge for over twenty species of hornbills and other endangered tropical birds.

The Shaw Foundation Australian Outback immerses visitors in the landscapes of Australia and Papua New Guinea, complete with eucalyptus trees, Aboriginal cave paintings and a few wallabies too!

The Mysterious Papua aviary showcases the beautiful birds of the coastal tropical forests of Papua New Guinea.

Bird Paradise - Sclater's crowned pigeon
Sclater’s crowned pigeon

The Lory Loft is alive with multicoloured parrots.

Bird Paradise - Lory Loft

The Amazonian Jewels section is where visitors can marvel at vibrant birds from the Amazon rainforest.

Bird Paradise - Toco toucan
Toco toucan

Songs of the Forest is an exhibition highlighting endangered songbirds from Southeast Asia, raising awareness about the illegal trade in these birds.

Crimson Wetlands is where visitors can admire South American birds. This one is particularly stunning with a large waterfall overlooking a lake with flamingos and scarlet ibises. It also has the most beautiful macaw species.

Bird Paradise - ibises

The Kuok Group Wings of Asia is a Balinese paradise featuring over thirty species from Asia.

And finally, the Heart of Africa, is inspired by the Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda. Like Wings of Asia it has suspension bridges to observe birds in different parts of the canopy.

Space to roam

It was lovely to see that the birds, including rare species, were well taken care of at Bird Paradise. They appeared at ease with us being in their habitat, allowing us to approach them closely, which was the highlight of the experience.

The multiple aviaries are huge, giving the birds ample space to fly. Whilst it sometimes required some effort to locate specific birds we were looking for, I feel like that was a more than acceptable compromise for them having more room to fly.

There are two bird shows happening in the amphitheater. So make sure you watch them as they are amazing. They are at specific timings so be prepared to be in the venue at those timings.

The rest of Bird Paradise

Bird Paradise - a/c link rooms
Air conditioned link room

In addition, the place is thoughtfully designed to include air conditioned spaces that allowed us to find refuge from the heat at regular intervals. These air conditioned link rooms are not only a resting arena but have loads of information about the birds as well as video presentations.

There are lifts and ramps throughout Bird Paradise, so the place seems disability friendly although some walkways are winding and go up and down, which might be challenging.

I noticed at least two playgrounds for the younger visitors, one being a water play. So do consider bringing a change of clothes if you plan to visit that area.

Bird Paradise - water playground
Water playground

When it’s time to eat, Bird Paradise offers themed restaurants offering a variety of dining options although they did seem quite pricey.

Overall, Bird Paradise in Singapore provides a revamped and exciting destination for families, with larger aviaries, interactive activities, shows, and dining options. It is a fun and educational experience for visitors of all ages. I went with my 14 year old daughter and her friends and we all loved it.

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