Family hiking in the Dolomites


For those who love walking and nature, the Dolomites is the perfect place, as it offers many walks and excursions with both easy and more challenging paths. The panoramas of the impressive mountains towering into the blue sky, the bright sunshine and wide mountain pastures made our trip not only relaxing, but also unforgettable.


We chose to stay in the small and tranquil town of Santo Stefano di Cadore, in the province of Belluno, but there are also many other towns, with plenty of options from luxurious hotels to cosy apartments fo rent.

Trail options in the Dolomites

Among the many options of trails are long or short routes, steeper or flatter trails. We opted for the long, flatter trails, where we could relax and enjoy the sound of cowbells tinkling on the necks of alpine cows nibbling on wild grasses. But for those who are more active and travel with older kids with a good fitness level and would like to try the longer and steeper hikes, you can try an overnight hut stay. Bring a backpack with clothes and go trekking from one hut to the next hut to avoid having to hike back. We chose to stay in the same town and use the car to move around as we are not experts and prefer an easy hiking.


One of our favourite trails and the least challenging one was ‘Vallunga’, where we could choose to make it as long or short as we wanted, always surrounded by a stunning scenery. Everyday, we left early in the morning so we could stop for lunch in a mountain hut or a ‘malga’ (family-run restaurants that offer traditional food made with local ingredients) after our hike to recover our energy after the walk in the woods or on the paths that wind through the pastures, enjoying delicious food and the beauty of the Dolomites’ scenery.

Malga - family run restaurants

Lakes in the Dolomites

Between one excursion and another, the lakes were definitely on our list of places to visit.

The lake of Misurina was the first one we visited, as its famous for its proximity to the Three Peaks of Lavaredo, a symbol of the Dolomites. The lake has a walking path that runs along the shore for the entire length of the path, surrounded by the colours and shapes of the beautiful Dolomite peaks. The ‘three fingers of dolomite’ that rise towards the sky are, in fact, a unique spectacle.


There are many other beautiful lakes to visit, but if you have to choose one (our favourite) go to Lake Braies. It’s a small alpine lake nestled in the heart of the Dolomites, where the Dolomite peak is reflected in its crystal-clear turquoise waters. The view is simply breathtaking.


Many people rent a boat to row around the lake, but we chose to take the pathway that skirts the lake, that is very beautiful and only takes around an hour to complete (depending on how many times you stop to take photos). Avoid the weekends if you want tranquility and not confusion.

Good to know

Even though we travelled during summer, we brought a thin, warm long sleeve wear for the night and early in the morning. During the day it was warm enough to wear light t-shirts, quick-drying pants or convertible pants. Don’t forget to prepare a backpack with a waterproof jacket as it can rain even during summer months. A sun hat, sunglasses and good quality walking boots are also a must have. Walking poles can be helpful especially at downhills. And last but not least, a big water bottle. Besides that, a good camera and the desire to walk are all you need to start your hiking in the Dolomites.


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