Yangshuo Mountain Retreat


Our trip to Yangshuo was lovely in every way but I am certain our excellent choice of hotel was what nailed it. After dragging the kids through Hong Kong and Guangzhou, we finally had time to breathe – and the air was fresh. Yangshuo Mountain Retreat sits right on the riverbank and all rooms have big windows looking to the beautiful river Yulong. When the sun came out the garden reminded me of being on a summer cottage: kids playing ping-pong, families playing board games and an odd person working on their laptop. And all the while the bamboo rafts are drifting past on the river.

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat garden river

Rooms at Yangshuo Mountain Retreat

Our room was recently renovated and had beautiful Chinese furniture and two huge, comfortable beds. The heating made sure we could get out of bed even on the cold mornings.

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat room

Meals and helpful staff

The restaurant serves good hearty meals – the Chinese food obviously comes recommended. In cold weather the fireplace makes it cosy and the board games and books invite you to linger.

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat

We booked all our activities through the hotel, and the staff were really helpful in explaining what there is to do in the area and what is suitable for young kids. Their English was superb and they were lovely with our kids, tirelessly responding to their repertoire of four sentences in Mandarin.

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat garden

The hotel is run in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner: solar power, water bottles that can be filled, cloth napkins and staff hired locally. Maybe because of that, the place has a warm, welcoming feel to it.

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat river view

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat is one of the nicest family accommodations we’ve stayed at. Extremely helpful and friendly staff is happy to help you make the most of your trip.

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