10 Things to do in Bali for families

It is no wonder Bali is such a popular destination. It has plenty of natural beauty and the tourism industry works like a well-oiled machine. There is something for everyone, and that’s perhaps why people keep on going back. There is also so much to do with kids, if you are after an active holiday. These are our top picks for family activities in Bali:

1.Kecak fire performance in Uluwatu 

This is the top pick of one of our regular Bali-going mums. Magical, unique and packed with tourists! Suitable for kids that are not easily scared and can sit for the hour long performance, a combination of dance and drama. The kecak is a re-telling of the story of Hanuman, the loyal Monkey God from Hindu mythology. It is a magical experience to listen to the hypnotic chanting of the kecak dancers while the brave Hanuman battles with the evil Ravana, framed by the deepening orange  sky.


2. Surfing in Legian

There are many, many surfing schools in Bali! We have heard good things about a school called Up2U in Legian (they have apparently great groups and individual lessons for kids) but you can get lessons anywhere along the beaches of Bali.

3. Evening dance performances in Ubud

The night performances are always special, we’ve watched a few shows in different places in Ubud. These tend to start late, so only suitable for those kids that can stay up a bit later. 

Ubud - dance performance

4. Roaming around Ubud market

Give the kids a small note and let them spend it at the market. Or just wonder around amongst the stalls and take in the colours. 

5. Temples, temples

We know kids can get templed out very quickly. It doesn’t matter to them what temple you visit, but the famous ones are Uluwatu (home to lots of monkeys), Tirta Empul (the water temple) and the picturesque Tanah Lot.

6. Dinner on Jimbaran beach

At sunset the beach in Jimbaran gets busy and smoke from the numerous seafood restaurants fills the air. The atmosphere is great, and the kids can play on the beach while the adults sip cold drinks at the tables lining the beach. Read more about our visit to Jimbaran here.

7. Kids’ clubs in Bali rock!

We have left the kids to do many activities at the kids clubs at hotels we have stayed. Most are very good with a million activities to keep them busy for hours on end, giving the parents time to read a book. Kids’ clubs are available in all the big chain hotels, many of which are in Nusa Dua.

8. Cycling

You can rent bicycles from most hotels and roam, or join an organised tour and free wheel down the slopes of a volcano. The tours typically include stops along the way – we stopped at a Balinese homestead, rice field and had a refreshing drink. Many organisers have kids’ bikes or seats available.

9. A family cooking class

Cooking class is something the whole family can enjoy, even in bad weather. The dishes in Bali tend to be on the spicy side but ask the cooking school to adapt the recipes for the younger palates. We did one at Sanur and it was great fun, read more about our cooking class in Bali.

Bali - cooking class

10. Waterbom

This is the favourite waterpark of our kids ever. Ok, we haven’t been to that many, but Waterbom in Kuta is clean, green and was not busy at least when we visited, admittedly off season. The music was relaxing rather than the typical techno party and the staff was super attentive. The food on offer was a notch up from the usual sausage and fries (think pizza and Thai options). The rides had enough thrill to keep the whole family entertained!

Image: Flowrider, Waterbom

We are yet to try out the novelty experiences in Bali, like the Bali swing. What’s your favourite Bali activity?

And if you are not keen on an activity packed holiday, check out Nusa Lembongan or the Gili Islands.

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