Banyan Tree Lǎng Cô, Vietnam: redefining luxury

Banyan Tree Lǎng Cô

When my better half surprised me with a getaway for our anniversary, I was hoping for an overseas trip. He told me to keep the Friday free, so I was getting suspicious. As it turned out, we were headed to Da Nang, a small town on the east coast of Vietnam. I’d never been to Vietnam before, so excitement was building up!

From Da Nang airport, it took a good hour to reach Banyan Tree Lǎng Cô, a resort chain with many locations throughout Southeast Asia and beyond. The location could not have been more beautiful. Da Nang and its surrounding area are famous for golden beaches and beautiful green hills. Nestled on a mountainside, the resort’s villas provide a stunning panorama overlooking the beach. In one word: spectacular.

Spa experience

First up on the long list of activities, was an amazing spa treatment at the resort. A pricey place but of course that is to be expected at a 5-star resort. Everything is top notch though, from entering the spa reception until the last moments of my treatment, when the staff kindly offered to organise a buggy back to our room.

Banyan Tree Lǎng Cô

Rooms with a view at Banyan Tree Lǎng Cô

Banyan Tree Lǎng Cô distinguishes itself by offering only pool villas. The word ‘luxury’ has definitely been redefined here and the villas offer everything you may expect from a 5-star place and beyond. Even the smallest one-bedroom villas measures a spacious 124 square meters. With an infinity pool, a separate dining room, a massive bathroom, and a sun deck, it was not difficult to spend a few days here. The ‘goo-goo’ sound of the gibbons around us in the trees, added a unique touch to the surroundings.

I wouldn’t recommend the resort for families with very small kids. As a parent, I would be constantly worried about them walking into the pool at the villa.

Breakfast with bubbles

There is nothing wrong with a Mimosa cocktail or a Bloody Mary for breakfast, but let’s try not to get too used to it! Abundance is the right word to describe the buffet at the resort, without getting the idea that the restaurant would waste food afterward. We loved the local dim sum wrapped in banana leaf. There was also a dedicated kiddie table with waffles and the likes.

Dinner at restaurant Saffron – Thai food at its best – was a very special experience as well. The beef salad comes recommended!

Banyan Tree Lǎng Cô

Poolside lounging and biking

With the main pool being only 130 cm deep, it is relatively safe for children. Banyan Tree Lǎng Cô has got a few bikes which you can borrow for a ride. Not much to see though, and we found out that we were not allowed to take the bikes outside of the resort. There is a lot to do though at the resort, from yoga sessions to cooking classes; have a look here at their activities.

Banyan Tree Lǎng Cô

We liked the Global Foundation initiative of the resort; we were kindly asked to contribute USD 2 per night, to help safeguard the environment and uplift communities around the resort. Who doesn’t like to save sea turtles and support children with their scholarships?!

Outside the resort

Outside of Banyan Tree Lǎng Cô there are a few notable things to do. We went for dinner at the nearby waterfront Lǎng Cô seafood restaurant, which was a delightful experience!

On the day of our departure, we ventured into the ancient town of Hoi An in the morning. It was quite packed on the day we went, which was a Sunday but nevertheless we were super happy to visit this gorgeous heritage town. Again, for smaller kids, it probably would be too much, since it was boiling hot.

While not ideal for families with young children, the resort’s overall charm make it a great destination for those seeking a blissful few days away.

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