A fun day out at the ArtScience Museum, Singapore

Over the mid-term break we found ourselves in Singapore again. We only had a half a day to do something fun with the kids after the long drive, but didn’t feel particularly energetic. So we headed down to the Marina Bay Sands and the ArtScience Museum – that lotus shaped iconic building by the waterfront.

ArtScience Museum

On this table kids can build roads, railroads and fly planes just by moving the colourful blocks on the table – a connection magically appears between the two blocks of the same colour.

ArtScience Museum

Now this was the part our kids loved the most: interactive scenes of nature and city. You colour a sea creature, plane or a space rocket, scan it, and watch it come alive on the walls and the floors. Fabulous!

The exhibition is suitable from toddlers up (there is even a slide) and my primary school kids thought this museum was just awesome. One of our kids’ favourites was the digital hopscotch and they were impressed by the light boxes and glowing globes.

ArtScience Museum

Last part of the exhibition is the Space, the highlight being the sparkly Crystal Universe with more than 170,000 LED lights. It gives the illusion of stars moving in space and is truly impressive. The kids were eager to get back to colouring octopuses, but thanked me for making them stay and watch ‘the stars’.

ArtScience Museum

ArtScience Museum: our verdict

The museum’s motto is ‘where art meets science’ and indeed that’s what it is. The upcoming space exhibition looks fantastic so if you are heading to Singapore, do check it our. At SGD44 for a family package it is also reasonably priced for a Singapore attraction. We visited on a busy Sunday and were advised to buy tickets online (using their free wifi) to avoid queuing for tickets – next time will do this in advance if going on a weekend. It would be more fun without the crowds, so go during the week if you can.


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